The official and verified Twitter account of Pink Floyd has shared a new photo, exposed an unusual frame when people were starting to discover the band.

As we all know, Pink Floyd was founded in London in 1965 and gained great fame in the world for the progressive/psychedelic rock music genre.

This photo, which they shared, belongs to 1965, and it was the first years of the group. They also stepped onto the market with the album, ‘Jewel Box 4: Rare Live & Unreleased-compilation.’

Here’s what Pink Floyd’s page wrote:

“Here’s an unusual shot of the 1965 line-up of Pink Floyd, a time when people were just starting to discover the band. When did YOU hear of the Floyd, and what piece of their music was the first you heard?”

A fan named JazBInKC commented and said this:

“Looks familiar.”

Another fan named ConcreteJungel wrote this:

“The Wall live 1980 81.”

Check out the Twitter post below.