Apple’s recent iPhone models don’t have any 3.5mm jackphone and iPhone users can not charge their phones and listen to music at the same time. This feature annoys lots of users so does Pink.

Pink, recently tweeted about that feature and call out to Apple:

“Ok APPLE the whole idea you had of making the headphone hole the same as my charging hole is a bunch of bullshit. U know what’s worse? You called it a Dongle. #Bullshit.”

However, this tweet give her chance to interract with some of her childhood heroes, Sebastian Bach.

He responsed to Pink and wrote:

“Hey wild child! Get yourself an LgV30. It has a headphone jack and everything. You can play hi-res music files and store them on the SD card. You will thank me later.”

Then Pink said:

“My 8 year old self just peed her pants. #LOVE”

And finally, here is Bach’s answer:

“I love your voice! Thank you for singing straight from the heart and inspiring others to do the same.”