New York grind band PINK MASS have teamed up with Indy Metal Vault to reveal their new track “Beastial Sodomizers.” The track is taken from the band’s upcoming album Necrosexual which will be released on October 31st.

Listen to “Beastial Sodomizers” here:​

Pink Mass is:

Tyrant Perversor – vocals
Snevil The Wet Brained Mercenary – bass/vocals
Shock The Cock-Ringed Mongrel – guitar/vocals
Van Lee Tassels the Obnoxious – guitar
Kurtemis Caninus– drums/synth


1. Invocation of the Necrosexual
2. Hedonist’s Lament
3. Dismal Tormentor
4. Bestial Sodomizers
5. Crypt Perversor
6. Extinction of the Breeders
7. Lair of the Hedonist
8. Voreified
9. Altar of Domination
10. Craving Asphyxiation
11. Excoriated Purity
13. Outro