Poison’s Bret Michaels shared an Instagram post to update fans about his recent health struggles. The rocker revealed that he could not attend several meet-and-greet dates due to several factors.

Bret Michaels’ health issues started at an early age when he was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a six-year-old. He suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and underwent an emergency appendectomy during his adult life. In 2014, Michaels had to go through kidney surgery. Two years ago, the rocker had a procedure to repair a torn rotator cuff and had another operation to remove a piece of skin cancer.

Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, Joan Jett, and Poison’s ‘The Stadium Tour’ was initially scheduled for 2020, later postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic. Recently, the band canceled their show in Nashville due to Michaelshospitalization after a medical emergency. After getting better, the band took the stage with a shortened show in Jacksonville, Florida. The most recent update on his health came via Instagram, informing his fans that he had to rest.

Michaels took his Instagram to explain to fans his recent diagnosis, which included severe dehydration and diabetes, that would prevent him from attending several meet & greets. He recommended that fans meet other group members, even if he can’t participate in the meetings. The rocker stated that he would devote all his energy to his performance in Central Pennsylvania, where his loved ones would be in the audience.

The IG post of Bret Michaels is as follows:

“My family, friends, and fans. Every day, I’m doing all I can to stay healthy and get to that stage, including IV’s and all meds, including insulin. I’ve waited two years for this awesome tour but, under strict doctor’s advisement, due to the combination of severe dehydration, diabetes, no rest, and several other factors, I, unfortunately, will not be able to attend several of the upcoming meet and greets which I love doing. Still, I highly encourage you to meet the other guys, as they are awesome.

For now, I must save all my energy, especially for tonight’s performance in Central Pennsylvania, where all my family and friends will be in attendance and where I was proudly raised and inducted into the Central Pennsylvania Hall of Fame today. I will give all I’ve got on that stage tonight, rain or shine, and I am grateful for the sold-out Hershey Park Stadium!!!”

You can see the post below.

Photo Credit: Bret Michaels – Instagram