The wife of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, Polly Samson has shown up on Instagram with the brand new photo of her husband taken in front of the gourds and amused her followers by calling Gilmour the ‘Gourd Almighty.’

As you may have noticed by now, the British novelist and journalist, Polly Samson, has been quite active on Instagram, displaying the beautiful design of her cozy countryside home and revealing some unique family moments.

After a couple of heartwarming pictures Samson unveiled her daily activities with her little granddaughter, she has taken the platform to show her infinite love to her husband. Polly posted a cool picture of David Gilmour taken when they were out to explore nature.

At first sight, some of Samson’s followers couldn’t understand what was behind Gilmour. A few fans have commented that they thought the Pink Floyd star was posing in front of the giant mushrooms. Though there emerged a misunderstanding about the scenery of the picture, all the fans have agreed on the fact that David Gilmour looks fantastic there.

Here’s what Polly Samson said in her latest Instagram post:

Gourd Almighty. 😏”

One of the followers commented as:

“I thought they were mushrooms at first glimpse. 😂”

Another fan agreed with Samson and said:

The Gourd Father. 😂”

You can see the post below.