Famous television and radio personality, Rev. Riki Ratchman (who hosted MTV’s heavy metal show Headbangers Ball for many years) has shared a statement about the Van Halen reunion rumors on Twitter.

He said:

“Here is the TRUTH about the Van Halen reunion. It’s not in the works. Michael Anthony didn’t say he wouldn’t consider it maybe but there is NO TALK about the band getting back together so what ever you heard was BS”

A fan said:

“Wishful thinking. It’d be nice to have the ACTUAL line up of Van Halen. No offense to Wolfgang but kid start your own band not ride dad’s coat tails”

You can see his tweet below.

Today, we reported that former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony talked about the reunion rumors and said:

“The only comment I have is that I haven’t spoken to any of the guys since we last played together back in 2004.”

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