Primal Scream lead singer Bobby Gillespie joined an interview with Classic Rock and reflected on the special moments that shaped his music career. According to Gillespie, the greatest album of all time is Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak,’ which was released in 1976.

Besides his music long-time music career, Bobby Gillespie also has other occupations these days. He recently released his autobiographical book, ‘Tenement Kid’ on October 28, 2021. In the book, Gillespie tells the story of how he rose to front one of the most influential bands of the ’90s.

During the recent interview, Bobby Gillespie listed some of his inspirations and said that Keith Levene and John McKay were heavily influential on his guitar playing. When it comes to the singers that inspired him, Gillespie shared the names of Keith Hudson, Paul Rodgers, Ian Gillan, and Phil Lynott.

After these important names, he was asked about his favorite album and he revealed that Thin Lizzy’s ‘Jailbreak’ is the greatest album of all time for him. Then, he praised Phil Lynott, who is one of his biggest inspirations. Gillespie said that Lynott breathed new life to rock music with his poetic singing style.

Bobby Gillespie revealed his favorite album by saying:

“‘Jailbreak’ by Thin Lizzy. It’s half-hard rock and half ballads. Then you’ve got The Cowboy Song which is a half ballad, half rocker. It’s a great mix of stuff. Phil Lynott tried to replicate that on every Lizzy album after and it was really hard because it’d come so naturally. Phil brought a poetic, romantic sensibility to rock. That’s why people loved and still love him. That record hit me at just the right time. I was fifteen and The Boys Are Back In Town was fucking everywhere.”

Later on during the conversation, Bobby Gillespie explained that the band Foxygen is one of the most underrated bands for him and praised their four albums. Gillespie also said that the song he wished he’d written is Warren Zevon’s ‘Hasten Down The Wind.’ He stated that it is a captivating love song reflecting human fragility.