Puscifer’s Carina Round discussed the rejections from the Tool fans the band confronted for years in the interview with Revolver she recently joined.

Maynard James Keenan’s Tool has impacted the music scene with various metal sounds. In the ’90s, the band gave a direction to the alternative metal movement with the albums entitled ‘Undertow’ and ‘Ænima.’

Tool’s success continued in the earlier 2000s, especially with the third studio album named ‘Lateralus.’ It became number one on the Billboard chart and sold over half a million records immediately after its release. Fans have bonded with them because of the successful works they have created.

While continuing with Tool, Maynard James Keenan established the side project, Puscifer. He often collaborated with Carina Round and Matt Mitchell on the band’s works; later, they became permanent members.

Puscifer has embraced a different sound than Tool and reached out to many people like this style. However, Tool fans weren’t happy with Maynard’s emphasis on Puscifer as they had been waiting for new projects.

Carina Round recently stated that she found it strange the rejections they faced from Tool fans started even before they had not heard Puscifer’s music. When the interviewer said that it was a profound issue, Round agreed and added that it was more about the bond the fans created with Tool.

Round explained in her words:

“It’s interesting, the rejection. The seven years or whatever it is of rejection from the Tool fans they were before even listening.”

After the interviewer said it’s profound, Carina continued:

“It’s obviously nothing to do with music; it’s the connection they have with Tool and their nostalgia and what that means to them, and the fact that Tool wasn’t putting out a new record for all that time.”

When the interviewer said it’s all about jealousy, Round agreed and added that she found it strange. After being asked whether the situation had changed, the rocker stated that Tool’s fanbase doesn’t reject them anymore, but there are still dumb people.

When asked if the fans’ attitude changed, Round said:

“Yes. For the most part. There are still some people who are dumb, but…”

You can watch the entire interview below.