During a recent interview, Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May have revealed some untold details about Queen’s 1985 Live Aid performance.

Roger Taylor shared the story of how Freddie Mercury told them that he got AIDS. Taylor said:

 “I know Freddie didn’t announce he had AIDS before Live Aid. He told us in his bedroom much later. The important thing is it did happen and we’re not telling lies. The chronology doesn’t matter.”

Brian said:

“You carry a story with you and treasure it, but when you agree to sell it, it’s not yours anymore… but they always treated us with great respect.”

May also talked about Freddie Mercury’s iconic mustache, and said:

“Any argument about whether he should have a moustache at a particular time in the movie is a waste of breath. The moustache is in the wrong place in documentary terms, but for telling the story we want to tell, it’s in the right place.”

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