72-year-old rock veteran and Queen’s legendary guitarist, Brian May, had a very ugly incident with a cameraman just before their live show in Australia. If you want to remember what happened, you can watch the video below.

After the video of his incident with the cameraman leaked, Brian has shared a really long and honest open letter about what actually happened between him and the Australian paparazzo.

Here’s what he wrote:

“No – I’m not all right. But I will be. It certainly ruined my day, and if that’s what you wanted, Channel 7, then you got it. There’s a fine line between anger and depression, and I’ve been struggling with all of that since I got ambushed and harrassed by a TV News team, fresh off the plane from New Zealand. Now, obviously I’m not a novice at this…

I’ve interacted with literally thousands of news reporters, photographers and cameramen over the last 50 years. I’m not exactly known for being aggressive, even in the face of provocation, but this guy caught me unawares – one of the rudest and most disrespectful video cameramen I’ve ever encountered. As we drove out of the airport, I noticed a small group of young kids with Queen albums, waving a welcome. I find it hard to just drive by in a case like this.”

Click here to read the full statement which was written by Brian May himself.

In the comment section of Brian May’s explanation post, Queen fans show their support and good vibes to him. We compiled some of them which can be seen below.

A fan wrote:

“You legit defended yourself and it’s okay because he was really rude. hope you’re better now 💕”

Another fan commented:

“So sorry that this happened to you Bri. Sad that they thought it was ok. Hugs from NY to you.”

Another fan said:

“I don’t blame you! Hopefully, they’ll treat you better there”

A fan named Marley wrote:

“We support you 💯 Much Love & Respect ❤️🙏 Brian.”

If you want to watch the incident, check it out below.