One of the biggest fan pages of the legendary frontman of the Queen, Freddie Mercury, shared an old picture of Freddie and made a humorous comment about coronavirus on the picture which is the main topic in our world at the present.

Since COVID-19 started to take over the world, people of music who have an influence on society use their social media accounts to inform everyone about the precautions. While some rock stars warn people by saying ‘wear your masks’ and stress social distancing on their official Instagram and Twitter pages. Some celebrities chose to mix their warnings with some humor in order to draw more attention to the subject.

Fan pages throughout COVID-19 also made numerous memes using an old celebrity picture that can be used as a coronavirus content and they also spread awareness by using influential people and humor.

A well-known fan page of the iconic frontman Freddie Mercury recently shared a picture of Mercury sitting in a saloon minding his social distance. Since the world is ready to link everything to coronavirus, the page made a humorous statement in the caption section saying Mercury reminds people to keep their social distance many years ago.

Here is what the fan page said in the caption section:

“Happy Mercury Monday darlings with this Freddilicious reminder of social distancing.”

You can see the Instagram post below.