Queen’s legendary guitarist and one of the most talented musicians of all time, Brian May, has shared a stunning video of his own when he was at the GYM, on his official Instagram account.

We know that Brian works hard every day because of their upcoming concerts and performances which will start next week. Unfortunately, he caught a cold virus just before the start of Queen’s upcoming shows. But, on the other hand, it seems that he wants to seem strong on the stage for the audience.

Also, he has made an important statement about the latest health status of him, plus, the next week’s program of Queen.

You can read the statement of Brian May below:

“And so, having fallen severely off the horse over Christmas (figuratively), while my body fought off a horrible cold virus, it’s time to build up again to match fitness.

Well, I can try ! We leave for 6 weeks on the road on the 14th of January. Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia.

It’s very exciting but more demanding than you might imagine! Gotta be ready !! Bri. 💥💥💥💥 3 Days to Veganuary! “

An Instagram user named llyssieevee commented:

“I should probably take your advice and do the same! Still too scared to go on the scale after the holidays.”

Another user named scdilorenzo said:

“I hope you feel better after your cold! good luck on the tour!! 💕”

You can see the Instagram post right below.