Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a new video on his official Instagram page and broke his silence to make an important statement about coronavirus outbreak.

As we all know, coronavirus is a deadly disease that spreads from Wuhan, China to the whole world. People are afraid of the deadly effects of this virus and follow the health precautions, which is recommended by experts.

Brian May took to Instagram to share an interesting video and make a statement about the coronavirus. The video depicted that the planet enveloped by the coronavirus. Also, Monty Python’s song named ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ was playing on the background.

In the statement, Brian gave some advice to the fans that continue following the precautions.

Here’s what Brian May stated:

“Well, look at it this way… We’re all in this together… Thanks, Monty Python. Yes – this is Planet Earth enveloped by CoronaVirus COVID 19. But all things must pass. Bri”

A fan named l.i.v_xo_ said:

“The only advice we can be certain of in these troubled times❤️”

Another fan named xx_allie_harris_xx wrote:

“This is absolutely hilarious thank you Bri!!!”

See the Instagram post below.