The co-founder and lead guitarist of Queen, Brian May has come up with the release date of his long-awaited mysterious project after teasing it through some special 3D photos on Instagram.

As you may know, the iconic musician, Brian May, has been displaying his obvious excitement for a project in an interesting field other than rock music for a while now. May has been posting several 3D photos of himself, parallel and cross-eyed, and fueling a major hype in collaboration with the London Stereoscopic Company.

Back on November 2, 2018, Brian May also published a special book, ‘Queen in 3-D: Bohemian Rhapsody Edition.’ The pictures and self-penned text in the book tell the story of Brian’s discovery of the world of stereoscopy as a boy and chronicle Queen from the early 1970s to the present day.

The images, from Brian’s personal archives, were taken using the various stereo cameras which Brian carried throughout his life. Viewed in May’s patented owl viewer, they leap into stunning three-dimensional realism, giving uniquely vivid impressions of life with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, and Brian himself.

May, who has been busy bringing back Victorian 3D for a generation raised on digital technology, has finally announced that he’ll lunch the pre-hyped project at 1 am precisely on the morn of this Thursday, 19th November. While saying he’ll be back with more details in the coming days, May hypnotized his fans through a picture of him posing in the self-fashioned steampunk owl.

Here’s what Brian May said in his recent Instagram post:

Steampunk Owl!!! Launching at 1 am precisely on the morn of this Thursday 19th November, Greenwich Mean Time. All details tba at that point. Swipe for stereos, parallel (owl), and then cross-eye. Bri.”

You can see the post and a BBC-special video of Brian May talking about 3D photography below.