Queen’s legendary member Brian May posted a recent photo on his Instagram page and answered one of the most wondered questions about himself:

“Why Brian puts “Bri” at the end of every Instagram post?”

Brian May shared a meme that showing his Instagram user name as ‘brianmayisntforreal’ and wrote this on the caption:

“Because I come from a different world, of course … a Bri.”

A user named eggpaige commented:

“Brian May: Astrophysicist, animal lover, rock legend, and meme god.”

Famous songwriter and actress Talia commented on the photo and said:

It makes me laugh so much … Bri 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹”

Last month, Brian May forgot to put ‘Bri’ on one of his Instagram posts. After some user’s warning, he wrote on the caption immediately.

You can see that bizarre meme right below.