Famous social media personality and the iconic member of Queen, Brian May has shared a section from Pavarotti documentary on his verified Instagram account.

He revealed the times he has watched Toy Story 4 for the first time, and he said that he cried while watching the movie.

After ended Toy Story, he continued to watch a newly released documentary of one music legend, Luciano Pavarotti. He praised the director of Pavorotti named Ron Howard.

Here’s what he lived:

I really needed the sleep … but, rarely for me, I watched 3 movies on the flight to Nashville. Cried buckets over TOY STORY 4 – in the happy bits, of course.

Enjoyed Rocket Man – although I wanted to see more of the joy and triumph of Elton – such a wonderful performer I missed crying those tears of joy. But what swept over me like a hurricane was PAVAROTTI.

Oh my God – just a documentary – but put together with such exquisite skill by Ron Howard – it kills. We see glorious talent, mighty passion – but best of all we see a MAN – in all his frailty, passion and pain – and ultimate triumph. See it, Folks. BRI.”

You can watch the shared video below.