The legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May has shared some funny videos of himself with guitar designer and player, Arielle, on his verified Instagram account.

While Christmas night is approaching, Brian May started to enjoy the season before the Christmas Night as usual. Today, Brian May shared two special videos when he’s having sincere time with American guitar designer, Arielle.

Also, Brian May has made an important statement about the pleasant time with his friend. In the video, the couple looks very funny and sweet.

Here’s the statement of Brian May:

“A little seasonal silliness tonight from me and my dear pal Arielle – a truly awesome guitar player and a great person. We might find a way to show you this little jam at full length later … but for now … enjoy this fragment of – Take One !!! @officialarielle With thanks to Denis, Justin, and Pete. Bri.”

Here is what he said in another post:

“And, following on a while … Seasonal Silliness continued ….! @officialarielle thanks Denis, Justin, and Pete. Bri.”

And of course, Ariel did not remain silent, she made a similar statement on her Instagram account.

Here’s the statement of Ariele:

“We had fun.
I’m a blessed lady.
You’re seriously the best, Bri!!!
The ARIELLE GUITAR !!! We’re getting there !! But slowly, and frustratingly non-linearly !!! Here we are with many prototypes – still searching for the perfect solutions – to match the demanding standards of Arielle’s original Two-Tone yet make the guitar reproducible in bulk and affordable to young players. We will get there!!! @officialarielle #brianmayguitars
Watch this space !!! Bri.”

You can see the Instagram posts right below.