Dr. Brian May, who is the legendary guitarist of Queen, has posted a very sweet photo from the dinner he had with his wife Anita. As you can see below, they are looking very hilarious and heartwarming.

But on the other hand, Brian also shared some kind of unfortunate information about their relationship which is he’ll say goodbye to Anita for 6 weeks. Brian described his feelings about that temporary separation and said it will be sorrowful for him.

Here’s what Brian May wrote:

“Dr. And Mrs. May enjoying some Classic Italian food, Vegan style. Anita has not signed up for Veganuary but has been vegetarian/pescatarian for years. She’s been enjoying my Vegan adventures with me and supporting by cooking some of them! Of course, I will be sorrowfully saying goodbye to Anita for 6 weeks on Tuesday.

The Touring Life looks very glamorous from afar, and it does have wonderful moments, but it’s still a tough commitment, living without your family and friends and animals for weeks on end. It’s not a life everyone would thrive on. But … for us … and I know we’re lucky to be able to say it … it’s what we do. Bri”

A fan named Irene responded to him in the comment section by saying:

“We say in France that love goes through the stomach… 🥰❤️”

Another fan named Scott wrote:

“Thank you for sacrificing those moments to bring such joy to us all, Bri. Deepest thanks from Nashville, TN.”

You can see the Instagram post below.