The co-founder and iconic guitarist of Queen, Brian May, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and revealed a ‘mad fling‘ that he had approximately 40 years ago, which not only does he not regret, but he actually has fond memories of.

As you probably know, Brian May often uses his social media accounts, and in specific his Instagram account, to raise awareness on social matters, support charities, talk about his upcoming projects as a musician and a scientist, and share his views about music.

Recently, Brian May announced a new project which is related to a ‘mad fling’ he had almost 40 years ago which he said that he feels quite proud of. He also mentioned that the world will be reminded of his crazy fling in January 2021.

As you might remember, Queen released their ninth studio album ‘Flash Gordon‘ back in 1980 which ranked Number 10 on the UK charts. The album was also the band’s first soundtrack album and only two of the songs have lyrics.

It was the soundtrack album of the space opera science fiction film ‘Flash Gordon’ which came out in December 1980 and was well received. The soundtrack was such a success that it even received a BAFTA nomination as the ‘Best Original Film Music.’

It should not be surprising that Brian May is such a fan of his 40-year-old fling as he is a scientist himself and working for a science fiction film must have excited him. The t-shirts commemorating the 40th anniversary of the ‘Flash Gordon’ film and soundtrack will be available for purchase on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Here’s what Brian May said about his fling:

“Fond memories! A mad fling I will always be proud of. New life for Flash this coming January. Bri”

You can check the photo that Brian May posted on his Instagram account below.