Queen’s current fronting member, Adam Lambert, spoke in the recent interview with CNBC and revealed his opinion about the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

As you might remember, Donald Trump made a controversial statement about how to solve the problem of coronavirus and stated that we should think of drinking the antiseptics and disinfectants to fight against coronavirus.

In the conversation, Adam Lambert said that he wants Donald Trump to talk less, and let the medical professionals step in about the coronavirus situation.

Additionally, he explained why he shouldn’t talk much about the pandemic by saying that whenever he opens his mouth, things are getting worse.

Here is what Adam Lambert said about Donald Trump:

“I think it’s more that I want him to do less. It seems to me that when he has a press conference and he speaks, it just makes things worse.

So maybe if he would just let the medical professionals step in, I think if he delegated a little bit more responsibly, that might be good.”

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