Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a new photo on his official Instagram account, showing off a heartbreaking injury on his body.

As we all know, Queen and Adam Lambert traveled to South Korea and Japan as part of the ‘Queen Tour.’ Although meeting the fans is fun, these concerts can cause bodily injuries.

Brian May took to Instagram to show his broken nail for the followers. In the caption of his photo, he said that his nails weren’t deformed as much as he used to, but it was hurt him.

Here’s what Brian May wrote:

“But there is a price to pay ! I play as much with my nails as the pick (coin) and after two and a half hours of a night, playing with maximum adrenaline, the damage accumulates quite fast.

In the old days my right hand nails would be worn down to the quick by now – and they would be bloody. I have pictures somewhere … But now – due to the miracle of Powder Gel – help is at hand ! Literally !! Bri”

An Instagram user named chrispana67 commented and said this:

“Still looks scary…..you’ll have to pick up some more coins in Australia…we have 5 cent pieces the same size as your sixpence ♥️🇦🇺😉”

Another fan named sarah_rugg wrote this:

“Thank goodness the damage isn’t too bad just yet! I can’t imagine how raw your fingers must have gotten before powder gel 😨”

See the Instagram photo below.