Brian Harold May, who is the iconic lead guitarist of Queen, shared a video on Instagram showing the police officers of all colors talking about the death of George Floyd and the fans were thrilled.

On social media platforms, some of the musicians and celebrities showed their reactions to the brutal death of an African American man and many supported the ongoing protests against racism and police violence.

Queen icon Brian May also posted a video on his official Instagram account concerning the recent demonstrations on the streets. However, Brian wanted to show the other side of the protests explained by the police officers of all colors.

On the caption of the video, Brian stated:

Good Cops of all colors bravely speak. Thanks, Nuno Bettencourt for this clip. My feeling is that the seeds of a new collaborative spirit are here.

Showing it’s time to move beyond the violence, and work together for a new deal. Based on equality and compassion. But don’t listen to me – listen to these good men. Bri

The video Brian posted on Instagram received many comments from the fans:

An Instagram user named Putas commented:

“So are you trying to say not all cops are bad? Cause that’s been said and done. All I wanna know is if you realize that cops are here to keep order, not protect us. All cops benefit from a system that refuses to hold them accountable for their actions, AND that there are enough cops that abuse that system to overshadow the so-called ‘good cops.'”

A fan named Kerri McClain wrote:

You’ll find bad seeds in every line of work! I pray for George Floyd’s Family bc it’s so unfair what happened to him. I’m also praying for my nephew who’s a police officer out on the streets tonight & I’m also praying for the protesters that they stay safe too!

An Instagram follower named Mila Convey stated:

This beautiful video shows us that in this horrible time we can all stand together, it’s terrible the things that are happening over in The US and around the world. Stay safe Bri, you inspire me.”

You can watch the video Brian May posted on Instagram below.