One of the most famous Queen & Freddie Mercury fan pages of the social media, Freddie Mercury Online, posted a couple of golden-worth photos of Freddie Mercury and showed the rare moments he had with his friends.

As the caption says the story, these beautiful images were taken from the Novello Awards, and Freddie can be seen with legendary stars like Scottish singer Annie Lennox, his bandmate Roger Taylor, and the woman who he calls as the love of his life, Mary Austin.

Almost 4K people liked these photos from 1987, and here is the caption of these astonishing frames:

“Freddie with Annie Lennox, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Mary Austin at the Ivor Novello Awards in May 1987.

🥇 Queen won the award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music. — Photos by Dave Hogan.”

An Instagram user named phoenixbris25 wrote this:

“In the pictures, Freddie wears the ‘wedding’ ring given to him by Jim Hutton ❤️”

Another fan of Freddie, named Lauren commented:

“Freddie looks so happy!!! OMG! I’m dying of love right now.”

You can check out these materials below.