Legendary Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter, Lola Leng Taylor, has posted some special photos of herself with her close friend, Jacob Johnson, via her official Instagram page.

Today, Jacob Johnson is celebrating his own birthday and his friend started to celebrate his birthday. One of them was Lola Leng Taylor because she shared a few sincere photos on Instagram and wrote a simple birthday message.

But, everyone was surprised after saw these photos because they were looking very close and sincere in the photos. As you can see in one of the photos, they were having a romantic moment together in the bed.

Here’s what she wrote with these photos:

“Happy birthday J @jayjay9495 You’re my brother 🍻♥️ Couldn’t love ya more.”

An Instagram user named Deb Leng commented:

“Happy Birthday, Jacob! Keep safe and well. D x”

Another user named Sharon celebrated his birthday with it:

“Happy Birthday!!”

You can check out the post below.