Queen’s legendary multi-instrumentalist and co-founder Roger Taylor’s lovely daughter, Tiger Lilly Taylor, sent a bunch of new Instagram Stories on her verified account and revealed her ‘recent problem.’

As you might check out the video of Lilly below, she stated that she’s some kind of addicted to the great vegan burgers of ‘Patty & Bun: Eat-In – Take Away’ from London and Brighton.

Here is what she wrote on the video:

“I have a serious problem…

Vegan burgers!”

You can watch Tiger Lilly’s one of the recent videos right below.

Earlier last month, Tiger Lilly Taylor, has posted new photos of herself on the official Instagram account and captivated the admirers by her gorgeous look.

As you might see in the photos right below, Tiger Lilly appeared at a bar and flaunted her perfect legs while wearing a tiger print dress.

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