Queen Legend Brian May Announces An Exciting IG Show: “It Will My Very First Time!”

On a recent post on his official Instagram account, Queen guitarist Brian May made a new announcement and revealed that he will do a live stream for the first time on Instagram today for a good cause.

As you might remember, Brian helped so many people during the self-quarantine days by sharing a lot of videos on Instagram and showed how to play Queen songs. In this way, he proved how kind-hearted he is.

But this time, he will be streaming live on Instagram for the first time to the debut a single from Kings Daughters’, which he helped for recording and co-writing of the song. Also, Brian called everybody to visit his page and watch the event.

Brian’s video watched over 100K times and still rising. Also, the fans shared their reaction in the comment section and showed their support to Brian.

Here is what Brian May captioned:

“My very first LIVE IG transmission tomorrow evening at 8 pm BST, for the groundbreaking live lockdown launch of GetUp.

The debut single from Kings Daughters which I produced and had a small hand in co-writing and co-performing with them on this extremely groovy record. Can records still be groovy when they’re digital? We can discuss! See you at 8!”

A fan named Carla added this comment:

“Can’t wait! First time doing it and I’m sure it’ll still be like you’ve done it a million times!”

Another fan named Jennifer Marie wrote:

“Yay! Thank you, Brian. Looking forward to it! 😍💜🙌”

You can check out the video below.