The rare photo of Queen legend Freddie Mercury was unveiled by one of the most popular Freddie fan pages on Instagram, ‘Freddie Mercury Club.’

The Instagram page ‘Freddie Mercury Club’ continued to share really rare photos of Freddie Mercury to show his unbelievable talents. In the photo, Freddie looks like a real boxer and fights with his opponent.

Also, Freddie Mercury’s friend and member of his school band, Bruce Murray, has told the unheard story of this event and he had surprised when he saw Freddie on the ring. You can read more below.

Here’s the story of the photo:

“I remember a boxing match where Freddie was really getting hammered in the ring, and we all kept telling him to concede the fight. But, no. Freddie insisted on fighting on till the end, with blood all over his face. He could be very tenacious. He got hammered but he wouldn’t give up.

Bruce Murray (Freddie’s friend and bandmate when they were in The Hectics together while in high school in India)”

A user named Ian Harris asked this:

“Wait a minute which one is Freddie the short one of the tall one?”

The page answered:

“Freddie’s the one on the right. You can zoom in on his face 😊.”

Another user named Noa Trau commented:

“He looks a bit scared for even being there. Still, he’s always my champion.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.