The world-wide magazine Mirror has shared a rare interview with a close friend of Queen legend Freddie Mercury, Dave Clark.

According to the statement of Mirror, the interview originally was made by Daily Mail in 2008.

The report said that a small friend group was beside Freddie before his death. They saw everything about the last breath of Freddie at his West Kensington home. Dave Clark revealed what was Freddie’s feelings, and what did he do in his final minutes.

Here’s what Dave Clark told:

“I was with him at his house right at the end. The doctors had left and we knew it was only a matter of time.

We were alone, and when he passed away. I went downstairs to tell Phoebe, his PA [Phoebe was Mercury’s pet name for his assistant Peter Freestone], and Joe [Fanelli].

Mary Austin came over and I phoned Freddie’s parents to break the news.”

He continued:

“Freddie’s death had seemed peaceful after the final days of suffering. He looked at peace but it was such a waste. He gave so much, but he had so much more to give.”

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