Queen drummer Roger Taylor spoke in an interview with NHK, and gave a major update about possibility of retirement.

He said that ‘they look forward to their next tour, whenever it may be.’ Here’s the statement:

“The band is now Brian May and myself, and we have become closer in a way. We realized this is our life and this is our destiny and I think we enjoy it. We have this wonderful singer, Adam Lambert, who is a joy to work with and it’s a beautiful combination. He is much younger than we are but it works. He is very intelligent and has the most beautiful voice.

We realize now that this is what we do and we enjoy doing it while we still can. I don’t know how much longer but right now we really enjoy playing and I look forward to our next tour, whenever it may be.”

Interviewer asked:

“What do you think attracts people to Queen?”

Roger responded:

“That’s for people to say. I personally think it’s good music, it has quality. And I think the musicianship is good, I think the singing is good and the composition is good. It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, we aren’t everybody’s favorite style. But some of the songs have an anthemic, grand occasion kind of feel and I think that translates to people.

He also talked about Freddie Mercury and said:

“I have a statue of Freddie in the garden, which I love, it’s great, it’s very big. I also thought it would be very funny to have the statue there and I think Freddie would have found it hilarious. He would have found it really funny.”

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