The official and verified Twitter page of Queen has posted a new tweet, and they revealed an untold story about ‘A Winter’s Tale’ song, which is written by Freddie Mercury.

‘A Winter’s Tale’ was removed from the ‘Made In Heaven’ album that had been released a few weeks earlier and was ranked number one on the UK charts. ‘Made In Heaven’ was the last album that Freddie wrote before he died, as well as Queen’s latest studio album.

Queen guitarist Brian May said that Freddie Mercury wrote this song in a small house on the lake that they called The Duck House. He told to ‘Mojo:

“Freddie wrote the song in Montreux, in a little house on the lake that we called The Duck House. The extraordinary thing is he’s talking about life and its beauty at a time when he knows he hasn’t got very long to go, yet there’s no wallowing in emotion, it’s just absolutely purely observed.

So that’s the way I wanted my solo to be. It was one of those things where I could hear it in my head, long before I actually got to play it. And when I recorded it, at my home studio, in my head I was there with Freddie in Montreux in those moments, even though this was happening long after he was gone.”

Check out the tweet below.

You can listen to the song below.