The co-founder and guitarist of Queen, Brian May, recently posted a series of photos on his Instagram account and revealed that his solo in ‘Bohemian Rapsody’ was chosen as the Number 1 in the50 Greatest Guitar Solosof Total Guitar.

As you probably know, Brian May enjoys using his social media accounts, and in specific his Instagram account, to talk about his new projects as an entrepreneur, and a musician, to raise awareness on important social matters, and show his support for charities, and of course, to interact with his devoted fans.

There is no doubt that Brian May is one of the most appreciated rockstars of all time and he has a huge devoted fanbase who have been supporting his career since the ’70s. Thus, it should not be surprising that Brian May still receives awards and honoring titles, some of which are given to him by his fans.

In his recent Instagram post, Brian May revealed that he will be in the new issue of Total Guitar. As it turns out, Brian May ranked first on the ’50 Greatest Guitar Solos’ list of Total guitar with his amazing solo in Bohemian Rapsody.’ Even though this iconic song was released in 1975, it is safe to say that it is an unforgettable classic, and it was apparently the one that gave Brian May the chance to rank 1st.

You can click here to check out the photos that Brian May posted on his Instagram account and watch Brian May’s solo in Bohemian Rapsody below.