The co-founder and guitarist of Queen, Brian May, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and thanked his fans for their unending love and support, as he received dozens of custom made sketches and even a video.

As you know, Brian May enjoys using his social media accounts, and especially his Instagram account, to announce his upcoming projects as a musician, scientist, and entrepreneur, to raise awareness on important social matters, and to interact with his devoted fans.

Brian May is one of the most loved and appreciated rockstars of all time and he has a great fanbase. For this holiday season, May’s fans surprised him with dozens of well-done sketches and even a video. May was touched by these lovely sketches and his custom made ‘Merry Christmas Bri video.

One of the biggest Brian May fan pages created a lovely video in which numerous fans from all over the world expressed their holiday wishes for May while showing their artistic creations featuring the famous rockstar. They thanked him for teaching them how to believe in themselves and being a great source of inspiration.

After watching the video, Brian felt touched and found it vital to take a moment and appreciate the love and effort that his fans put into this video. He said that it was lovely to see the faces of his artistic friends and said that he’s thankful. The fact that he referred to his fans as friends, was one of the things that his fan base appreciated the most.

Here’s what Brian May said in the caption of his recent Instagram post:

“I was deeply touched by your lovely Merry Christmas Bri video – great to see many of my artistic friends’ faces for the first time. You know who you are – Thank you! And thanks Sarah Rugg for making sure I saw it. Bri.”

You can check out the photo that Brian May posted and watch the video that his fans made for him below.