Queen guitarist and the co-founder of the British band, Brian May, has shared a couple of new photos on his verified Instagram account today and announced the re-release of his gold-plated Brian May sixpences.

As you may already know, Queen’s legendary guitarist is very well-known for using sixpences as a pick. Last year, he had a special interview with Premier Guitar and explained why he’s using coins instead of proper guitar picks.

According to Brian, the classic flexible picks are fluid and fast and he does not like that feeling. He stated that he wants to feel whatever happens at the string right in the fingers with harder picks just like the feeling of using sixpences.

Today, Brian May has taken to his official Instagram account and revealed that he re-released his gold-plated Brian May sixpences once again. Last year, Bri has released the limited-edition coins and it was sold-out in a really short time. After the insistent requests of the fans, Queen guitarist has decided to release sell the goodies once again.

Here are the details:

“Gold (plated!) BM sixpences! Remember these? A few months ago we sold out of this limited edition very fast and I felt bad you guys didn’t get a chance for a look-in. Well, I promised I’d see what we could do and… Guess what?! We now have just a few more!

So I want you folks to have the first shot. At 10 pm tonight, Tuesday, London time, this new batch will clickable! I’ll put the link in my SLINK (in my Bio) right now – and if all goes well, at 10 pm it should take you to the right place to purchase one of these little gems. I’m holding on to one this time myself! Cheers, all! Bri.”

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