Queen guitarist Brian May announced the re-release of his iconic song ‘Driven By You’ by sharing a new post on his official Instagram account.

After the passing of Freddie Mercury, Queen didn’t want to continue without the legend himself and pursue their own ways until the reunion. Brian May was also one of the members who released his solo album.

In September 1992, Brian May released his debut solo album named Back To The Light and published a total of five singles such as ‘Driven By You’ and ‘Too Much Love Will Kill You.’

Yesterday, Brian announced that he released the remastered version of the leading single of Back To The Light, ‘Driven By You,’ and it also aired live on the radio. In the caption, Brian showed how happy he is to hear his song on the radio once again and called out his followers to tune in.

Brian May wrote in the caption:

“Greatest Hits Radio! Greatest Hits Radio is on my record! Thanks guys! Tune in, folks! Quick!”

You can check out the post and the song below.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram