One of the most popular Queen fan pages on Instagram, Fred.bri.rog.deacy, has revealed a rare younghood photo of Queen guitarist Brian May in which he appeared with short hair and classical guitar.

In the picture, Brian was sitting on the stairs with his cool shirt and playing the guitar. He was looking so adorable with a cute smile on his face.

Here is what fred.bri.rog.deacy wrote:

“Bri 🖤🖤”

A fan user named imrogahtaylahh said:

“Ok but like if I was his classmate or something I would totally fall in love with him no cap😳😳”

Another fan named Niccie added this comment:

“Why does he look like Linguini from the movie Ratatouille?”

You can check the post below.

In January, Brian May has shared a video of himself on his official Instagram account and made a bold confession before Queen’s show in Japan.

Brian was training in the gym and shared his opinion about their upcoming concert. He stated that this is a great day to start. Click here for the details.