Queen co-founder and guitarist Brian May has posted a bunch of new illustration that was made by Kerry Ellis and himself on his official Instagram today and celebrated the release of their newest single named ‘Panick Attack 2021 (It’s Gonna Be All Right)’ once again.

As you may already remember, Brian May and Kelly Ellis have released their latest song ‘Panick Attack 2021’ which is the reimagining version of ‘It’s Gonna Be All Right’ that was written by Brian May in 2017. The song was originally released in the ‘Golden Days’ album that features 13 different tracks that were written by stars like Ruthy Moody, John Newton, Phil Lynott, and many more.

Today, Queen star has shared the illustrations that were made by Bri and Kelly to promote the single once again and also, referred to the link that they are talking about the song in a Virtual Tea Party. He also did not forget to thank his artist friends Sarah Rugg and Hello Brian May’s Adrea for their contributions to the illustrations.

Here is what Brian May wrote:

“Kerry/BriArt!!! Thanks, artists! This is only a selection and as always apologies if I missed you this time. Thanks also Sarah Rugg and Andrea for channeling some of these to my feed. Most of all thanks, folks, for responding to our mission.

And if you want to hear the track and see the vid fit free – any time – please visit my YouTube channel. The link is in my SLINK – to be found right now in my Instagram bio. Cheers, all!

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