The legendary guitarist and co-founder of Queen, Brian May, posted a photo on his Instagram account to announce that he is auctioning his used footwear to raise awareness on an important issue and show his support for a charity campaign.

Brian May often uses his social media accounts to share his views on various matters but most importantly, to raise awareness on different issues such as the environment, child protection, gender equality, and many more.

This time, he used his platform to endorse a charity project named ‘Small Steps Project‘ which aims to provide clothing, food, medical care, and support in education to kids who survive by picking rubbish in dumpsters.

The project’s motto is ‘If we all take a small step we can create real solutions.’ In accordance with this motto, Brian May has decided to auction his worn shoes, so that with his contribution real solutions can be achieved.

The video that Brian May shared in this Instagram post shows that people can support this project by just sending a text and donating in an easy way. Brian May, one of the most famous rockstars of all time, has decided to contribute by auctioning his used shoes with which small steps can be taken.

It is without a doubt that charity projects receive a lot of support when successful artists such as Brian May appreciate their effort and raise awareness on important issues through their social media accounts.

Small steps such as auctioning his shoes symbolically and supporting charity projects through his Instagram account, make Brian May an exemplary rockstar and prove how successful artists can use their platforms to give back and help the less fortunate.

Here is what Brian May said in the caption of his Instagram post:

Why auction shoes? Such a small thing. But please swipe and watch the video (in 2 parts). How can we allow our world to be this way? This tiny charity is taking literally small steps to rescue these children. But surely we should be bringing the mighty force of our still rich economies to bear on this terrible situation in which children live in poverty, squalor, and danger? Well, we can start with shoes. But please think about it, folks. Bri.”

You can check out the post that Brian May shared on his Instagram account below.