Brian May, who is the legendary guitarist of Queen, has revealed his latest appearance by sharing a new picture of himself via his official Twitter account and showed how he has been doing after the heart attack.

As you might remember, Brian May was hospitalized earlier this month due to the injury of his gluteus maximus muscle. A few days ago, he unveiled that he had actually a heart attack and that’s why he was in the hospital.

Today, Brian revealed his latest appearance after having a heart attack and worried the fans with a severe weight loss. In the picture, he was looking skinny than he was about a month ago and saddened the community.

As we all know that we couldn’t get any words from Brian for a few days when he was hospitalized, everybody figured out that something was wrong. Fortunately for us, Brian May seems like gathering himself because he wouldn’t share any post on social media if he is still having problems with his health as we saw in the past.

Here is what Brian May captioned:

“Feeling cheered up today by Anne Brummer’s amazing booklet for schools on how to care for hedgehogs. For more details visit @anneatsaveme.”

A fan user named Rox added this comment:

“You are so cute Brian. 🥺🥺 I’m glad you’re feeling cheered up 💞”

Another fan named Elisabeth wrote:

“Good morning Brian. Hope you feel better now. Take care of yourself ❤️”

You can check out the post below.