One of the most-anticipated Freddie Mercury fan pages on social media, ‘Freddie Mercury Club’ from Instagram shared a golden-worth Freddie Mercury photo that you may never see before.

As you might check out the photo of Freddie Mercury below, his face certainly looks like someone from the environment has farted.

Here is the caption of the photo by Freddie Mercury Club:

“Caption this 😁

I simply can’t get enough of this photo and Freddie’s gorgeous face and his naughty eyes and dimples… Looking irresistible in that black leather jacket with the yellow (red collared) shirt underneath 🔥❤🔥

Let’s see how you can caption that priceless expression on his face 😏👃😁

📷 Freddie in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 1981

#FreddieMercury #captionthis”

A user named bakerlady611 commented:

“Roger what have you done?”

Another user, couch_potato24 wrote this:

“When you fart but you got to make it seem like someone else did😂”

You can check out the photo below.