Queen’s legendary musician Freddie Mercury’s official Instagram account posted a new and rare photo and showed the followers his iconic yellow jacket.

Here is the caption:

“A great shot of Freddie on this day in 1986, when Queen performed at Wembley Stadium for the iconic ‘Queen Live At Wembley’ 💛 #freddiemercury”

freddiemercuryclub commented and said:

“The yellow jacket that went down in history…because the man who wore it brought the house down with his powerful vocals and incomparable energy and command of the audience.

Every single person who’s watched “Live at Wembley” has been hooked FOR LIFE…that’s the magic of the great Freddie Mercury 💪❤👑”

Another user named ‘iwant_itall_queen’ said that:

“I watched that today without knowing it was the 33rd anniversary!!! Now that was even more special 😍😍 such an iconic event!”

You can see the photo below.