Queen’s legendary member Roger Taylor posted two new photos on his verified Instagram account and revealed never-seen-before, handwritten diaries with his fans.

Roger revealed the day that he practiced at IC and shared the nice day he had with his friends.

Here is what Roger wrote:

“As we head out on our US tour, a memory from a few years ago…. 😉

#mydiary1970 #qal2019
@brianmayforreal @adamlambert”

Adam Lambert commented on the photo and sent emojis:


In addition, Brian May wrote some words about that diary page as follows:

“Great posts on @rogertaylorofficial – from Rog’s 1970 diary. See what we might have called our new band ? Swipe to see what happened next ! 💥💥💥💥 FYI – I.C. is Imperial College – where I was studying for my PHD.

I used to book a lecture theatre in the “Mech Eng” building for us to rehearse. It was Mike Gross – our original bass player – who came over to ‘run over the numbers’ – ie familiarise himself with our songs. It didn’t really work out with Mike – our styles didn’t match. So we went in search of a bass player, and eventually found .. a young Electronics undergraduate named … John Deacon ! Bri”

Nikki Sixx also wrote things about the photo:


You can find the diaries right below.