Queen icon Roger Taylor’s daughter and beautiful model, Tiger Lily Taylor, has shared a new video on the official Instagram account and ignited the imagination of her numerous admirers in this way.

If you can check out the video, you can see that Tiger Lily was using the filter of the application that calculates ‘Sex Appeal Percentage.’ Tiger Lily started to calculate her charm while she was lying down on the bed, and the filter calculated her sex appeal as %70 percent.

After seeing this result, Tiger Lily gave a seductive look to the camera and showed off her beauty. She was looking gorgeous even without any single makeup on her face.

You can watch the video below.

A month ago, Tiger Lily Taylor has shared an attractive photo of herself on the official Instagram account and flaunted her astonishing body.

In the picture, she was wearing an old-school blue bikini that shows her perfect curves and looking so gorgeous with her natural skin. Also, she revealed her secret tattoo under the panties. Click here for the details.