The iconic Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s lovely daughter and also famous model, Tiger Lily Taylor, posted a bunch of new photos on her Instagram Stories and exposed her new hairstyle for the first time ever.

As self-quarantine goes on in the whole world, all people need to cut and dry their hair all by themselves. It seems that Tiger Lily decided to change her hair color to pink and it looks like a bomb.

Here is what Tiger Lily wrote about her new style:

“Still wet but looking like candy floss.”

And here is the caption of another video:

“Step 2… Oh shit… That’s pink…”

Last month, Tiger Lily Taylor uploaded yet another photo of herself, by showing how bored she’s at home amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Tiger Lily is one of those who stuck at home like everyone else. She hopped to Instagram and showed her longing for her friends and desire to go out freely after these hard days.

As you might see in the photo, Tiger looked very bored while sitting in her pill-patterned pajamas at home. She also left a brief note on the photo.

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