Queen drummer Roger Taylor’s daughter Tiger Lily Taylor has shared a ridiculous and weird photo of herself via Instagram Stories, showing off her black lingerie.

In the picture, Tiger Lily looks like has a new mustache but actually she was doing waxing on her face. The funny part is, she is still looking gorgeous even the wax was on her face.

However, while the whole community knows her attitudes on social media, we are pretty sure that she will continue to share mesmerizing and hot photos for her followers.

Here is what Tiger Lily Taylor captioned:

“No, It is not a mustache filter… It’s tash waxing time.”

You can check the photo below.

In January 2020, Tiger Lily Taylor also shared a really attractive photo of herself on social media.

She was looking gorgeous in the leopard-painted dress that shows her curves and wanted to show off her beauty on Instagram. Click here for the details.