The iconic current frontman of Queen, Adam Lambert was the recent interview guest of NME’s Gary Ryan and revealed what he really thinks about iconic KISS star, Gene Simmons.

As you will read the statements of Adam below, Adam admitted that he hasn’t talked with Gene since Gene’s offensive comment about Adam’s declaration on being gay.

Here is what he said:

“I haven’t talked to him since. (Laughs) No need! Ten years ago, I realised that if I’m not 100 per cent transparent about this, it’s going to kill me. It’d be such a burden to carry. I feel strongly about the principle of things and knew I couldn’t not be out and open and verbal about who and what I am. It would be a disservice to fans, the gay community and myself.

I was lucky this was happening when I was 27 and had lived a bit. His comment of ‘Oh, he’s killed his career by coming out’, I didn’t feel like I had any other option. I’d been out since I was 18 – I wasn’t going to go back in(Laughs) Thankfully, things have changed so much.”

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