Queen guitarist Brian May has posted a couple of new photos on his official and verified Instagram account today and announced the upcoming collaboration with Haughley, Suffolk-based musician Kerry Ellis who is the West End + Broadway star, performer, and actress.

As you will check out the caption of the photo Bri has shared, Brian May did not forget to warn his fan base to remember that the clocks will go forward one hour early Sunday morning and call the Summer Time rule as ‘nonsensical.’

According to the caption of the post, Queen legend Brian May and Kerry Ellis’ latest live performance named ‘Rise Up With Arts: Pannick Attack 2021’ will be released on March 27. As you may already know, Rise Up With Arts aims to help The Actor’s Fund and Theatre Support Fund+ and they are raising vital funds at this time of uncertainty for the theatre community across the United Kingdom.

Here is the caption of the post he has shared:

“Folks!!! Don’t PANIC !! It’s Gonna Be All Right !! Help us launch our therapeutic Gift Single THIS SUNDAY at 6 pm London time LIVE on Instagram, right here or Kerry Ellis. Bri. 💥💥💥💥 Brits – don’t forget the clocks go FORWARD one hour early Sunday morning – for the nonsensical time change we call Summer Time.

It’s high time Summer Time was either abolished or made operative the whole year-round. The changes cost thousands of wild animal lives every year on Britain’s roads. But, for now. don’t miss our tea time appointment! OK? Bri.”

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