The legendary guitarist of Queen, Brian May posted new Instagram photos on his official page and asked the help of fans to find his lost knob.

Brian May asked if anyone who might know someone who has picked it up lt him or Pete to know.

Here is that heartwrenching caption:

“Help !!! We lost a knob ! Not just any old knob … but, sadly, one I made myself over 40 years ago for the guitar that I made with my Dad.

It disappeared just as Pete was packing up last night in the Dallas American Airlines Center. It must have fallen off at the least opportune moment. PLEASE – if you know anyone who might know someone who might have picked it up?

Please let me or Pete know. It’s@not that it can’t be replaced – Pete’s done that already – but the original has a great sentimental value for me. THANKS !!! Bri.”

You can see the photos of that knob right below.