Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May had a new interview with Express’ Roxanne Hughes and revealed his opinion about Adam Lambert’s addition to the band by paying his respect to Freddie Mercury.

Here is what Brian said to Express:

“Adam Lambert is like “new blood” he has so much energy, even joking the band, which was once fronted by Freddie Mercury, have all been “drinking” it to “stay young.”

He’s (Adam Lambert) a shot in the arm he really is. He’s like new blood, you know actually, we have been secretly drinking Adam’s blood to stay young.

That’s what Halloween is all about!”

He also shared his thoughts on Halloween. Here is what he said:

“I love it I suppose because it’s arcane and instantly intriguing, but also the beauty of the technique that they employ way back in the 1860s, it’s so beautifully done and the mechanisms they use are so intricate. It’s impossible to duplicate it in the 21st century.

That might sound like an extravagant claim but I can tell you I’ve tried and a lot of people have tried. These things are absolute exquisite works of art, but they also have a lot to say, so obviously the three dimensionality of them intrigues me because stereoscopy has been a passion of mine since I was a kid.

Anything that leaps out at me, to me is magic, and these things do know. We’re talking about 1860. That’s more than 160 years ago but they absolutely had it down it’s beautiful.”

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