Legendary Queen guitarist Brian May has shared a new post on his official Instagram account, confirming the tragic death of British radio host, Caroline Flack.

40-year-old famous host Caroline Flack committed suicide at her own home in London. The cause of the suicide is not yet known, but her family confirmed her death. 

After this tragic death, Brian sent the condolences to her family and friends, sharing a photo of Caroline. He also said that he had much to say about her death but he would say later.

Here’s what Brian May wrote:

“Very sad news from the UK. Sincere Condolences to Caroline’s family and friends. I have more to say … but … later.

Today we add our voices and efforts to Australia’s fight to recover from the tragic fires. Bri”

A fan named jewelhazeonearth wrote this:

“🙏🏻… so sad that destiny can unravel so tragically when all that is needed is kindness… 🙏”

Another fan named freddiemercurylover45 said this:

“Aw, this is very sad… I pray and hope the best for everyone there. I understand that it’s very hard for people there, but I just really hope everyone stays safe and has what they need.

I’m praying… 🙏🏼 I wish Australia the best. ❤️”

Check out the Instagram post below.