Queen’s Brian May reposted a new video of a famous Instagram page, ‘brilliantmusicians’ on his verified account and encouraged the girl who can not hit the high notes.

As you will read Brian’s caption below, Brian said that he loved this girl because she reminded him of the days he did his solo Brian May tours.

Here is what Brian May said about this interesting video:

“I just had to bootleg this. It makes my day. Love this girl. This is ME ! – reminds me of the days when I foolishly did my solo Brian May Band tours and tried to sing every night.

Priceless. I take my hat off to you, Darlin’, for putting this up. It’s a lesson to us all. Gotta forgive ourselves for being human.

Folks! Follow @brilliantmusicians for gems like this – laughter is the best medicine. Bri.

You can check out the video below.